Android Q Possible Release Date and New Information

Many flagships haven’t received their Android Pie update but Google is already developing the next version of the beloved operating system.

Android Q was presented back in November during the Android Developer Summit. During the conference the company announced that the future version of the operating system will offer native support for apps that are compatible with foldable devices. This will allows apps to switch from one layout to another without a hitch.

With many devices already announced for 2019 this wasn’t a great surprise but it is a welcome addition that will certainly improve the life of app developers.

A new multi-resume feature will allow users to use two split-screen apps at the same time, a big improvement for those that like to multitask. Users that want to install older versions of apps will be now warned that they are using an app designed for an older version of Android.

Possible release date

Google likes to follow an established pattern. A developer preview build will be released in March. The public beta is usually announced and released during the Google I/O conference that takes place early in the summer. The final build is released in August.

It is expected that Google Pixel smartphones and Android One devices will be the first to receive the update. Other manufactures will integrate the update into their own OEM versions and release them in the following months. It may be possible that the new version will arrive earlier in 2019 but that remains to be seen.

In this case, most sources claim that only the devices released during the previous year will receive the update. The fragmentation of the Android platform has remained one of the most criticized issues of the OS and it seems that it will go on for a while.


The name has remained a secret for now. There are several sweets names that start with Q so Google has a large pool of possible choices.

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