Microsoft Surface Pro 5 New Features and Latest Specs Available

Possible Microsoft Surface Pro 5 features

One of the most highly anticipated devices in the next few years is the new Surface Pro. It all happens due to the fact that the tech enthusiasts are waiting to use the specs and features below:

Better processing power

Powerful processors equip the previous Surface Pro devices, but we know they are not the best. The 2017 model, for example, came out a few months before Intel unveiled its next generation of chips so now it only sports a 7th-generation Intel processor. What are rumors suggesting is that what will be used is the upcoming Whiskey Lake chip.

Improved battery life

One of the biggest issues that a user of Surface Pro 4 can have is with its battery life. Microsoft promised one type of battery life but delivered another. If the battery life of the device will be improved by Microsoft, it will put the Surface Pro 5 in a competition with the MacBooks and other similar tablets and laptops.

Enhanced Cortana

Cortana is a personal assistant designed by Microsoft for its Windows 10. Using it offers more efficiency in your day.

USB-C slot

The transfer rates of the USB Type-C slots are faster. The first product line from Microsoft that might include this is the Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

Fingerprint recognition

The fingerprint recognition’s value rises along with every company that realizes it. With that being said, Microsoft will introduce the feature into the Surface Pro 5. This way the security of the device will be improved.

Upgraded peripherals integration

The integration for Surface Pro’s usual peripherals will be improved in for the 5th generation, apart from the lauded Surface Dial. This includes wearables, headsets, and many other things that Microsoft is keen on developing in order to revolutionize the concept of “modern PC.

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