Pandora Announces In-App Voice Assistant for Android and iOS

Soon, when you launch Pandora app on Android or iOS, and you want to use a voice assistant, you just have to say ‘Hey Pandora.’ That’s what the Pandora chief product officer Chris Phillips said in a presentation of the incoming feature.

Why is this option so important? It could change the way we listen to music, and for Amazon Echo users, it will be a great addition.

‘Hey Pandora’

Users will begin by calling ‘Hey Pandora’ and request it a podcast or a song. It will be easier to command music playback, especially since it will also respond to request like – play something new, play something relaxing and so on. Chris Phillips explained how to work with the voice assistant to get the most of Pandora:

“Voice is just an expected new way that you engage with an app. On the mobile app, we’re doing more than just your typical request against the catalog… asking hey Pandora to search and play or pause or skip. What we’re doing that we think is pretty special is taking voice utterance of what someone asks for and we’re applying our personalized recommendations to response.”

If you ask the assistant to play something new, it should come up with songs that are not in your list but based on your listening habits.

Right now everyone is interested in the assistance and what it can do, and it will surely be popular considering we cannot always manually pause, look or select a song. If you use Amazon Echo speakers, the app’s new feature will be incredibly popular.

The new voice assistant in the Pandora app will bring many changes to the smart speaker and to users’ lives. There will be a time when we look back at the moments before the voice assistant and wonder how we could live without it.

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