How To Protect Your iPhone’s Apps with a Password?

The new release from Apple, the Screen Time app, keeps track of the way you use your phone and you can also use it to password-protect apps, but it is a more unconventional way.

Below you can find a step by step guide that helps you enable this feature on your phone:

Step one: Go to Settings then to Screen time to enable it. After that turn it on and follow the prompts. Next, you need to select Use Screen Time Password which you will find by scrolling down. Choose your code, and that will be the one you will use to unlock apps and to access Screen Time.

Step two: With that being done, you need to come back to the settings page of Screen Time and select App Limits then Add Limit then you need to select the All Apps & Categories thingy. The limit should be set to one minute.

Step three: Do not forget to have Block at End of Limit turned on. With that being done, now all the apps will lock after you use them for one minute and the passcode will be required to access them.

Even though this idea or trick might sound revolutionary to you, it is not recommended to keep your apps locked for a long amount of time. However, if you are a risk taker, then the step by step guide we provided you above can save you from any curious people that want to see who are you talking to or the last videos you have seen on Youtube. We recommend that you use this ‘hack’ when you are in a big group or with someone that you do not trust.

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