Unlock the Full Potential of Netflix with a VPN

Netflix has remained the most popular streaming solution for many users and new ones join the service each month.  A large variety of content is offered in all the countries were the service is available but the selection can very vary dramatically from country to country.

Those that wish to watch their favorite shows while traveling or gain access to content that is not available in their country will have to use a VPN.

The regional limitations

Some users believe that the service provides the same content to all the corners of the Earth but that is not true.  The offer can vary from country to country and this is available for other streaming services like Amazon Video and Sling.

This division of content is caused by licensing rights. Netflix has to buy a license that allows it to stream the content on the platform. In most cases the media companies may agree to license content for one region but refuse an additional license for other zones. For example, Titans can be found and streamed freely on the European version of Netflix but US residents will have to pay an additional fee in order to use DC’s own streaming platform.

How VPNs can help you

A VPN changes your IP in order to trick the target site to believe that the client (your PC, laptop or smart device) is in a different country. This will allow you to watch content that is available in that country and you will be able to finally watch that awesome looking show that wasn’t accessible were you live.

The process itself is quite streamlined and anyone can get a VPN up and running in a few minutes. Read below to learn how you can do it.

First, pick a reliable solution. Do a little bit of research and select a VPN service which offers servers that are located in countries of interest. This means that if you want to watch Titans a VPN that offers European servers is the right one.

A wide selection of paid solutions is available. Buy, download and install the VPN that seems to best for your needs.

Start the program and select a proper server.

Open your browser and start Netflix. Enjoy!

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