iPhone XL New Design Leaks: 5G Modem Available?

Apple has made a tradition of launching every iPhone new series in the month of September but this year, the new iPhone XI design renders have already been leaked twice as in the first month of the year.

@OnLeaks and CompareRaja revealed images of two different designs, which gives way for questioning whether one of them is wrong or the two renders belong to different iPhone models.

Triple rear camera?

Based on the first leaked renders of the new upcoming 2019 iPhone, we expected a square-shaped camera unit with two vertically placed sensors and another to the right, on top of which a LED flash was placed, creating a triangular-looking shape.

However, the new design renders show a horizontal camera unit with rounded edges located at the center instead. This camera design has three horizontally-placed sensors with the central sensor wrapped in what it looks like a LED flash.

Smaller notch?

The renders also display a smaller notch compared to older iPhone versions while keeping the same design we have been used to for the phone body. The new design shows a glass back as well.

A possible explanation for the two different designs would be that Apple might launch different models for different price categories, with the horizontal camera setup for the affordable price category and the square camera setup for the premium price category.

Other possible features

While the iPhone models are still in their EVT (Engineering Validation Test), the rumors predict that perhaps one 2019 iPhone model would get a 5G modem, even though it seems that an iPhone 5G is not possible before 2020 since Apple is waiting for Intel to be ready with its 5G modem.

Another rumor is that the new 2019 iPhone would feature a 3D Time of Flight (ToF) sensor, allowing the phone to become a great platform for AR and VR apps.

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