Apple May Overhaul the 2019 iPad Line

Almost nine years have passed since Steve Jobs unleashed the iPad. Apple’s take on the tablet concept lead to one of the most successful devices of all times, being enjoyed by millions of people from all over the world.

Several iPad generations have been released as years passed. Most of them brought new and interesting additions that further cemented the reputation of the brand. At the demand of a tech-savvy segment a Pro version was released in the recent years, quickly becoming a favorite among professionals.

The base line has remained popular and it seems that Apple is currently working on two iPads that will be soon unveiled.

One of them will be a successor to the 2018 iPad model. The other one is rumored to be a redesigned iPad mini that will bring a breath of fresh air to the brand. The last iPad mini was released in September 2015 and a refreshed model will be certainly popular among those that prefer the ultraportable device.

Some sources claim that the iPad mini will make use of a cheaper display but a faster processor should justify the trade-off. This will also lead to an affordable price since the aging 4th generation iPad mini is more expensive in comparison to the entry-level iPad that offers better specs and compatibility with the first version of the popular Apple Pen.

It is likely that the entry-level iPad will retain the standard 9.7-inch display that has remained a staple since the device was first introduced. While the iPad Pro allows people to choose between two sizes most people prefer the smaller model since it is easier to handle and carry around.

Select sources believe that Apple could push the numbers to 10 inches but such a change can be achieved by sliming the bezels present on the current version of the device.

Many fans hope that Apple will also add support for the Apple Pencil 2 but that remains to be seen. An official unveils event should take place in March.

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