Download Spotify Premium APK, 8.5, No Root Needed

Spotify can easily be considered one of the best music streaming services. There are two versions available for Spotify: the free version which allows you to listen to music but comes with several restrictions as well as ads, and the premium version which doesn’t limit the user in any way. If you want to learn how to download the Spotify Premium APK for free take a look out our article.

Why get the premium version for free?

While it is recommended to support the services you use, not everyone can afford to do it. If you want to get the complete Spotify experience without paying, this APK can be the solution for you. It is also a great alternative if you want to try out the premium experience in order to decide whether you want to pay for it or switch to another music streaming service.

Download the Spotify premium APK

Premium Spotify has music from all famous artists and you should find their all your favorite songs. If you want to download the Spotify premium APK you should know that root is not required, which is good news for all Android users.

First of all you need to find the APK file for Spotify Premium online and download it. You can download it from here. Now head over to file explorer and find the file that you just downloaded. After you find it go to file explorer and tap on it. Then press the install button.

The installation process will begin and once it is finally over you can open the app. You now have the modded Spotify premium app. You will need to enter the details for an account. Once you create the account you can use all the Premium features of Spotify.

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