iPad Mini 5 Leaks: Stylish Prototype With New Features

Many sources believe that Apple is working on two iPad models that could be released this year. The first one is an improved version of the classic 9.7-inch model. The second one is a revamp of the iPad mini that should bring the popular ultraportable tablet back in the limelight.

Images of a supposed iPad mini have been published by an intrepid Twitter account that has been known to show images of other prototypes in the past. Below you can find more details about the device.

Stylish like we know it

The prototype looks quite similar to the current 4th generation versions. The angles at which the images were taken do not provide enough information in order to tell if the size or thickness of the device has been changed.

New features

A beautiful display

Apple could opt to include an improved Retina display that should be able to display high-quality content. An optimized display should also consume a smaller amount of energy, boosting the autonomy of the device in the long run.

Cellular data

One of the images shows an antenna band on one side of the devices. This means that the next iPad mini could offer a cellular data feature. The addition would be welcome since it would make the device even more portable, by allowing users to access the internet without the need to use a Wi-Fi network or a hotspot.

Faster, smarter, better

A new and improved processor coupled with a larger amount of RAM could also attract users that are looking for a portable device that is able to handle resource-intensive apps. While video rendering or professional Photoshop editing is out of the question several productivity apps could boost the overall value of the device.

Keep in mind that while this images look like the real deal they could be fake since there is no way to confirm their validity. An official announcement and release date should arrive in March.

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