PUBG Mobile Players, Get Ready for New Subscriptions

New subscription plans are reportedly introduced by Tencent Games for players of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,  the virally popular battle royale game. PUBG Mobile, its mobile form, is finally as great as the original game that was originally rolled out to PCs. Now, a lot of reports across the internet suggest that soon enough PUBG Mobile will get two subscription plans. Both of these will allow users to use more ‘Unknown Cash’ (UC), the in-game currency.

According to those reports, the players who are subscribed to these plans will be allowed to get UC in specific proportions by converting their battle points (BP). As the game’s developers do not want the game to become easily affordable for players that have been playing for a long time, there will be a limit in the volume of the conversion. The subscription plans will include a Prime Plus plan that will cost $9.99 per month (Rs 713) and a Prime plan, costing $0.99 per month (Rs 71). However, Prime Plus will come with an introductory price of $4.99 per month (Rs 356).

Based on the information provided by these reports, if you are a subscriber, you will be allowed to get 50 UC by exchanging 5,000 BPs. In addition to this, the Prime subscription has some other perks, including daily bonuses of ID cards, a one-time perk of about 150 UC and limited UC amounts for logging in every day. Even though the Prime Plus plan sounds a bit expensive, the rewards are more significant. They include a 20 UC daily login bonus, 300 UC one-time payout while subscribing and items such as room card, ID card and create coupons.

The reason why Tencent opted for the introduction of these plans is to get themselves a steady revenue source and also to attract more players.

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