Microsoft Surface Book 3: Changes That We Need To See

The Surface Book devices are some of the most appreciated Microsoft devices. Their users were completely satisfied by the experience they received, and most clients felt that the Surface Book 2 was a great upgrade from the original Surface Book.

Nonetheless, nothing is perfect. While the Surface Book is a great device, there are still minor flaws that could be fixed. Therefore, we have come up with a list of changes that we hope to see in the Microsoft Surface Book 3.

Thunderbolt 3

We feel that using GPU docks externally should be an option for Microsoft Surface Book 3 users. Therefore, it will be great to see Thunderbolt 3 for Microsoft Surface Book 3. If we take a look at the Microsoft Surface Book 2 we can see that the USB 3.1 ports are used, which makes things slower than they could be with Thunderbolt. We should also add that Thunderbolt has four extra lanes of PCle Gen 3.

The Surface Book 3 needs more power

One thing that we would love to see in the next Surface Book is more power. The Surface Book 2 comes with a quad-core CPU with GTX 1060 and a 4K 3:2 display, but it appears that it is not enough. The device still overheats, despite the cooling methods used by Microsoft.

If someone uses the Surface Book 2 at full capacity, the device can hardly handle it. More than that, the battery drains very fast if you are executing more complex tasks. For instance, if you play HDR games and execute other tasks your battery could die even if the power if plugged in. These are some issues that shouldn’t exist in the future.


Seeing an inking option on the keypad would be great. Even if it isn’t something complex at first, this feature would be incredibly useful for users. For example, it would allow them to place a signature quickly.

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