The Best IoT Platforms So Far Revealed

MachNation has officially unveiled its IoT Application Enablement ScoreCard 2019  for vendors.

The list provides a list of 20 names of the best providers for the Internet of Things platform. Official estimations envision an accelerated growth for the industry. Global revenue reached $3.2 billion in 2018 and it could reach up to $66 billion in 2027 if the current growth rate of 40% will be maintained.

Many companies have understood that a comprehensive IoT AEP strategy will increase the rhythm of research& development while also boosting the chances of creating a usable product.

Veterans of the domain note that MachNation’s ScoreScard system provides the best reviews in the industry when it comes to accuracy and reliability. Those that are selected have truly shown excellence in the field and are example for other companies.

The company is the only entity in the world that is allowed to conduct hands-on tests on the prototype and final IoT platforms and publishes the results on the internet. Select partners include big names like Microsoft Azure IoT, IBM Watson IoT and many others.

The results of these tests allow many experts like software developers, system engineers and platform architects to pick the best solutions that are currently available.

Below you can find the names on the list in no particular order:

AWS; ARM; axonize; Ayla Networks, Bosch, Clearblade, Device Insight; Huawei; IBM; Losant; Microsoft; Orange; ptc; SAP; Siemens; Sierra Wireless; software AG; Telit; Thethings iO and ZOHO.

Internet of Things is an umbrella term for smart devices that can be connected to the internet in order to share and receive data that allows them to complete different tasks. For example, using Alexa in order to turn the light on or the temperature up in one of the rooms of your house is done by using IoT.

The star was a bit rocky since many people didn’t trust the new technology but the situation has changed dramatically as time passed. New IoT tech is released each year and many companies are working on new devices.

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