Battle of the iPhones: XS VS. XR

Apple unleashed three iPhones in 2018. The XS Max stands out due to its large screen size but the difference between the iPhone XS and the XR are not that clear. In order to help users that want to make the jump to a new device or are new to the Apple ecosystem we decided to offer a comprehensive analysis of the devices.

A matter of taste

Those that wish to buy the iPhone XR can choose from a selection that offers some vibrant color choices: Black, White, Coral, Yellow, and Red& Blue. The XS is a bit more conservative, with only three choices being available: silver, gray or gold.

Bigger and pricier

As expected, those that want to fit their entire music gallery on one device (or other files for that matter) will be confronted by a bigger price tag. A list of pf the prices per size version can be found below

iPhone XR

  • 64 GB- $749
  • 128GB-$799
  • 256GB-$899

iPhone XS

  • 64GB-$999.99
  • 256GB-1149.99
  • 512GB-$1349.99

Beautiful screens

The XR is considerably more affordable and features a bigger screen. The compromise is represented by the fact that it uses an improved LCD display instead of the OLED displays that are employed by the XS and XS Max. At 0,3-inch the difference doesn’t seem to be that big. In addition, the iPhone XS offers a better resolution (2436 X 1125 in comparison to 1792 x 828).

Power level

The A12 Bionic chip is shared across the three devices.  The only concrete difference is represented by the amount of RAM that is included on each smartphone. The iPhone XS has an edge here since it offers 4GB of RAM while the XR comes with 3GB. The difference may seem minor since the only benefit that can be identified is represented by the fact that XS owners are able to open more apps at the same time.

Pictures or didn’t happen

The XR sports a single rear camera while the XS has an additional telephoto lens. The 2x optical zoom is the only feature that sets the XS apart. Both devices are able to use the new Smart HDR feature, which has dramatically improved the camera performance of the new generation.


Performance tests have shown that the XR is able to outlast the XS when it comes to battery performance, with an extended battery life of two to five hours depending on the type of usage.


Each device is better for a specific type of customer. Those that wish to enjoy the finest Apple have to offer should go for the iPhone XS. If you want to try the Apple experience without paying a premium fee the XR is a reliable choice.

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