MacBook Air 2019: Everything We Know So Far


MacBook Air 2019 will probably not happen, due to the fact that the company is focusing on other products. We should keep in mind that MacBook Air 2018 was released three years after its predecessor got released.

MacBook Air 2019 might have the same fate, and it’s understandable since those who bought the device will be annoyed if a new variant comes out that fast and theirs will get old. You should also keep in mind that the company’s sales on the flagship device were in decline last year, and it might continue to drop this year, too.

However, if the company really does create a MacBook Air 2019, is there something that should be changed? Well, the quality of the device’s butterfly switch keyboards could get some improvements. We’ve heard about this issue before, and it seems to be an irritating one.

It seems that some keyboards of MacBook Air 2018 have been acting strangely. Many users have complained that the E button pretty much does everything it wants to do. If they pressed the button once, it writes many other letters and it also adds random spaces when writing a sentence. If they want to bring a new device, they should first take care of their older devices.

The specs of the device

We don’t think that the specs will change much, but there are two possible exceptions: graphics card and processor. Some sources have suggested that Apple will create their own line of processors that are to be integrated into their laptops and desktops. But it might not come out until 2020. This means that, if MacBook Air 2019 really comes this year, it won’t have this technology.

We’re pretty sure that we won’t get to see a MacBook Air 2019 this year, or soon, to be honest. It might take three years or so for that to happen.

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