Mad Box Console to Compete with PS5 and Xbox Two

Many gamers are looking forward to the announcement of the PS5 and Xbox Two. While they are in development, a new contender has appeared in the form of the Mad Box. The console has been designed by the iconic Slightly Mad Studios, known in the industry for its best-selling games.

The company has recently unveiled its daring controller. The design challenges the conventions of traditional gaming peripherals, featuring a small display on the middle, placed strategically between the left stick and the four action buttons.  The small panel is able to convey a selection of useful information like battery level, time and the status if the controller.  It is likely that the display will be also able to show useful game-specific data, in a similar manner to the Wii U controller. In one of the images a small keyboard can be observed, hinting that it may offer touch support.

One of the shots highlights two stand features: a set of precision triggers and rear pedals that could be used in games that require a high amount of precision input, like a racing title.

Overall, we can certainly observe the primary source of inspiration. The button configuration is remarkably similar to the one present on the Xbox One controller. The two thumbsticks, D-pad button and the Y, B, A, X action buttons are surrounded by stylish circles that can be lit. , allowing players to press the right button and play with the light off.

While rival consoles surfaced in the past in many cases they were not able to compete with the established brand. Even if the potential was big, porting a game to yet another platform, which also seems to be quite limited, was a risk didn’t seem to be worth it for most developers.

If a reasonable price tag is offered the Mad Box could become a hit among certain users. It remains to be seen if high-ranking studios will be willing to port their hottest titles to the platform.

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