What Are The Best Alternatives That Can Replace WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is considered one of the best messaging apps of all times. The application comes with plenty of useful features and it offers end-to-end encryption in order to protect the privacy of its users.

However, this does not mean that the app is perfect. There are a couple of things that could be improved, it could receive more customizable options. Worse than that, users began to feel more unsafe while using the app, especially after Facebook announced that WhatsApp will be integrated with Messenger and Instagram. Therefore, we have prepared a couple of alternatives for you.


Telegram is one of the best options as it also comes with end-to-end encryption and it is considered safe. The app allows users to send media, as well as regular text messages.

Telegram also comes with some unique features. For example, its group chat can accept up to 200,000 persons. There is a web version of the app, and Telegram works on iOS, Android , Windows, Linux and macOS.


With Viber you shouldn’t miss any of the classical features. The app allows you to voice or video call someone, send stickers and gifs and even use extensions to send things such as the location info.

End-to-end encryption is also available and users can send messages that are timed to self-delete. Messages can be locked with a code, conversations can be hidden and read receipts can be disabled.


This app belongs to Skype and it offers users cross-platform chat. You should know that this app does not come with encryption. However, it does have some interesting features that might be worth a try.

For example, you can open the gallery mode in order to see all the media that was shared with one group. The app also allows location sharing and emoji sets.

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