Russian EEC Website Reveals 7 Certified iPads

Lately, we heard numerous rumors about new iPad models and it appears that the speculations were based on reality. The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) confirmed all our suspicions. The website listed seven new iPad models. The model numbers for the new devices are A2123, A2124, A2126, A2153, A2154, A2133, and A2152.

What other details have been revealed?

Sadly, the site doesn’t offer us too much information about the new iPad models. The certification includes just a couple of details. For example, EEC lists the model numbers, which we already mentioned before. We also know that the operating system used on these tablets will be iOS 12, but this comes as no surprise.

iPad Mini 5

The rumors that have been flying around lately also mention the iPad Mini 5. When it comes to the regular iPad model for 2019, it is expected to see a small display increase, from 10 inches to 9.7 inches. More than that, the upcoming iPads are supposed to respect the global trend and make the bezels a lot smaller. This is all we know so far, although there might be more changes as well. A stronger processor is also a possibility.

There are also some rumours about the iPad Mini 5, although there is no much information available. Nonetheless, since Apple hasn’t come with any major changes for the features and the design lately, we would expect some new additions soon. It is also believed that Apple might come up with some cheaper alternatives in order to attract more customers.

Affordability has become increasingly important for Apple and the company tries to come with improvements that allow them to maintain an accessible price. If new models will be launched this year we expect an official Apple announcement very soon.

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