PUBG Zombie Mode – Beta Version Download Available

PUBG is now available in the Zombie Mode. If you are a hardcore gamer, this is a game changer for you. The benchmark for the mobile gaming industry has been set by PUBG, but they do not stop there.

The gaming world witnessed a massive hype, last year, upon the release of PUBG Mobile. This game which is free to play undoubtedly took the whole industry by surprise.

PUBG Zombie Mode Map In Beta

The collaboration of PUBG with CapCom’s Resident Evil 2 is the latest hot topic of the gaming world. Many PUBG players expected it to pay tribute to the collaboration with the v0.10.5 update aside from making some changes in the game.

Instead, developers decided that players deserve more so they released the v011.0 version that features some great additions such as the PUBG Zombie Mode Map, Sanhok Arcade matches, and  PUBG Sunset Mode.

PUBG Zombie Mode was released a few days ago on 25th of January, and the gaming world is actively discussing it.

What is more in the PUBG Mobile Update?

If you are part of the lucky players who took a look at the PUBG Zombie Mode Map before anyone else through the beta version, then you are lucky. It will be the same as the final version.

Zombie Mode

Beta users claim that you will find zombies all over the are and if you want to locate them you will see them through the PUBG Zombie Map, but they can’t be killed.

With that being said, if you are fighting with another player, the Zombies might get involved and attach you. In case you kill a zombie, as the regular counter of killing another player is not the same as the counter of killing Zombies, you should expect some attractive reward and some adventurous new missions.

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