The PS5 and Xbox Anaconda could feature beefy specs

It is already known that Sony and Microsoft are already developing the next generation of home consoles.  The PS5 has been teased by Sony and the Xbox Two is already shaping up to be a great rival.

The current generation

The PS4 is the undisputed best-seller of the generation, an edge that was gained by exclusive titles like God of War, Horizon Zero Down and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Microsoft has expanded the number of in-house studios and the sales of the next Xbox could be improved by the addition of a few exclusive titles

Next-gen players

A reliable source has recently published an interesting report. The document notes that Microsoft is currently working on two Xbox consoles that may be released simultaneously. One of them, codenamed Anaconda, should be a flagship model that will be able to play games that feature an unprecedented level of detail. A second console, known under the codename of Lockhart, seems to be a budget-friendly option that could replace the Xbox One S. It is likely that this model could make use of the Project xCloud, Microsoft’s future cloud gaming service.

Possible configurations of the Anaconda model have been leaked on the internet. According to a source the device will sport an AMD Zen 2 CPU with 8 cores and 16 threads and a custom-made AMD Navi GPU that will be able to provide 12 TFLOPS. A high-performance 1TB NVMe SSD could also make an appearance while 16GB of RAM should allow the use of spectacular effects like ray-tracing.

The PS5 remains shrouded in mystery but this is nothing new since the Japanese company is known for its discretion when it comes to devices that are currently being developed.  Most sources seem to agree that Sony will opt to use parts from AMD, a decision that could make the two consoles equal when it comes to processing power and performance.

Until an official announcement arrives we can only hope that the new models will be able to justify their price tag.

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