A New Toyota Pickup Model Could be Unveiled at Chicago Auto Show

Toyota is teasing the revamp of an iconic model that could be available in 2020.

The Tacoma has been one of the most best-selling pickups in the US and it seems that the new model plans to tackle the competition represented by the Ford Ranger and several models made by GM that seem to be very popular.

A teaser image has been released, showing the upper front of the car in a mountain location that is covered by shadows. The nature of the image makes it hard to tell if we are looking at a new model, a refreshed version or even a brand-new vehicle. The roof and headlights seem to have been significantly altered in comparison to the ones present on the latest models.

The Tacoma line received the most recent major redesign back in 2016, with the original model being released in 1995. Almost 246,000 Tacomas were sold last year, marking a significant increase of 24% in sale numbers.

In the US the Tacoma line was introduced as a replacement for the popular Hilux, which was sold at that time under the name of Toyota Pickup. Tacoma was built with an accent on the comfort of driver, adding significant improvements to handling and other quality-of-life aspects. The safety of driving in harsh conditions and the payload capacity were also significantly boosted.

The changes were wise as the first generation of Tacoma models became a hit among American and Canadian users. One of the main selling points was represented by an interior that could compete with the ones present in common cars, a big plus for a target audience that likes to use pickups as personal cars.

A series of regular redesigns and improvement kept the line popular and the interest alive. The Tacoma is not the only model to receive a significant upgrade this year since Toyota has announced that the Supra line will make a comeback at the same event in Chicago.

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