iPad Pro vs Surface Go: Which One Can Replace a Laptop or a PC?

Apple and Microsoft have challenged the idea of a traditional computer or carrying a laptop by introducing the two best tablets available on the market. Let us check out how these two high-end tablets compete in replacing your PC or laptop.

iPad Pro vs. Surface Go: Display, Specs, OS

The iPad Pro which was released last year in November features a huge 12.9-inch display. The Surface Go was released by Microsoft in August 2018, and it came with a 10-inch display, which is visibly smaller.

The specs show us that the 10-inch display has an Apple A12X Bionic chip, it comes in two variants – 6GB RAM and 4GB RAM, starting with 68 GB internal storage, but which ends at 1TB.

Meanwhile, Surface Go features an Intel Pentium Gold Processor 4415Y, it comes in two variants like the iPad – 4GB and 6GBm, but the upper limit of the storage is smaller, beginning with 64 GB and ending at 256 GB.

The operating system is obviously different, with Apple allowing iPad (2018) users to upgrade to the latest iOS 12 version. As for the Surface Go, you get the S-Mode Windows 10 Home Operating System.

iPad Pro vs. Surface Go: Camera and Sound

The iPad Pro comes with a 12 MP primary camera and a 7 MP selfie camera.

Surface Go comes with an 8 MP camera on the back and a 5 MP camera on the front, also adding an infrared camera.

The sound from the iPad Pro comes from four stereo speakers which are great and loud. However, the iPad Pro comes with no headphone jack, as we’ve seen for a long while.

Meanwhile, the Surface Go only comes with two front-facing speakers, but they are from Dolby, which says enough about the quality of sound.

Which One Can Replace Your PC/Laptop?

Looking at what the two have to offer, we would say it’s time you replaced that computer or laptop with the tablets. If you’re not a gamer and only need the tablets for day-to-day use, get either the Apple iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface Go that are far better than mid-range laptops, are easy to carry around and have better battery life than laptops.

As for what to choose between the two, it’s your decision – you have to pick between the different operating systems, screen size and internal storage.

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