WhatsApp New Beta Version v2.19.18 for Android: ‘Show in Chat’ Feature Added, Media Share Menu Changed

According to WABetaInfo, the popular blog that tracks all the changes in the beta version of the messaging app, Android users that have enrolled in the Beta program can now see a new Shared Media menu and the option ‘Show in Chat.’

Here are some more details about the changes expected in WhatsApp Beta v2.19.18.

The Shared Media Menu Includes Three New Options

If you haven’t yet spotted these changes, then here is where you can find them. The Media menu has these three options that are new – Show in Chat’, ‘Set as…’ and ‘Rotate.’

Go to the media menu in chats or group chats, and you will see the options.

The first one lets users see the media which you want to open where it can be found in the chat.

The second option – “Set as…” – it is an overflow menu that lets users set a profile photo, a group icon or wallpaper. The media menu also has a single rotate option for the images.

Previously, WhatsApp tested new emojis, and the latest addition to roll out was the group call shortcut feature. As for this update, WhatsApp hasn’t yet announced the release to the stable builds or to the iOS version.

Why WhatsApp Changed the Media Menu

Last year, both iOS and Android users had noticed that WhatsApp added many updates to the app. We saw PiP mode; then we recently saw it in the Web version. WhatsApp also changed the limit of forwarding a message (to individuals and to groups) in an effort to curb the spreading of fake news.

We’re also expecting the dark mode and more. As for the first revamp this year, Telecomtalk explains that the Media Menu is one of the many updates planned by WhatsApp to make the messaging app simpler and easier to access.

We will see this change come with a stable build, at a date yet unannounced by WhatsApp.

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