Resident Evil 1.5 Should be Released as DLC for the RE 2 Remake

The Resident Evil 2 remake is a resounding success for Capcom with stellar reviews offered by critics and players alike. Capcom should seize the moment and release Resident Evil 1.5 as a DLC for the main game. What is Resident Evil 1.5? Read below to found out

Dark origins

Resident Evil may have not been the first survival horror game but it was the first that managed to gain wide-spread popularity. The title was based on Sweet Home, an older tie-in game made by Capcom and one of the first precursors of the genre.

Sweet Home introduced many of the feature that are now a standard among survivor horror games, among which we can count the limited inventory, smart puzzles and the reveal of important lore segments by using indirect means.

Many of the features that appear in Sweet Home will make a comeback in Resident Evil. The success of the latter encouraged the company to start the development of Resident Evil 2.

Troubled history

The action of the game took place a few months after the events of the original game.  The T-virus spread beyond the walls of the mansion and Raccoon City would have been filled with a variety of menacing creatures. Two playable characters in the shape of the Leon Kennedy, one of the last police officers that escaped the mayhem and Elza Walker, a college student, should have allowed the players to experience the story from different points of view.

This version was scrapped when the team concluded that the game put the focus on action instead of being scarred, losing the tension that made the first title a hit.

The build was beyond salvage and the development of a new game started.  That game became the Resident Evil 2 that cemented the reputation of the brand and marked the birth of the franchise.

Since the game was almost finished porting it to modern gaming platforms shouldn’t be too difficult. It would also make the remake even more enticing for the fan base.

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