Find Out How To Install Google Play Store Manually

While Google Play Store does come preinstalled on Android devices, you might have to install it manually in some situations. For example, it is possible to uninstall it by mistake or realize that a new version has some bugs and you have to go back to a previous one. Sometimes reinstalling Google Play Store can fix your issues with it.

Before we teach you how to download Google Play Store you should know that it is important to keep track of the version numbers of the app. This way you will know exactly which version you need to download and how to find it. The numbers might be a bit confusing at first, but it isn’t that difficult to understand the numbering system.

Installing the Google Play Store manually

This method might not be something new for you if you installed APKs before. You just need to get the APK for the Google Play Store and install it. You will be able to install it on your own. There are two ways to do this: you can either install the Google Play APK directly on your smartphone or you can install it through the computer.

In order to install it with your phone, you will need to download the APK file for the Google Play Store first. You should be able to find it online on sites such as APKMirror. You need to go to Settings > Apps and then find your mobile browser. Tap on it and then go to the Advanced section. You will be able to allow downloads from all sources there.

Now that you have done this you can download the APK using your browser. If you see a message saying that “this type of file can harm your device” tap OK. Now you can open the APK and tap Install.

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