Pokemon Go: Shiny Psyduck – Do Not Miss the February Community Day!

The day has finally come, trainers. Psyduck, our most useful and favorite pokemon ever will be added by Niantic in the shiny version. The first generation water pokemon will come into the game for the second time wearing a blue color. The shiny Psyduck’s perfect color is blue because of its evolution.

Since the last Safari zone trainers are experiencing higher rates of Psyduck encounter. Furthermore, the days after the rates were boosted even more due to the addition of its shiny form. If you are lucky enough you can get right now a blue shiny Psyduck and Golduck. If you are away from the waterfront, you still have the chance to catch one of these shiny pokemons so do not pass the event.

The trainers received an announcement from Niantic letting them know via Twitter about the existence of the Psyduck in case they have not recently logged in the game. In addition to that, trainers were also encouraged to upload their photos of the shiny Psyduck. With that being said, do not be surprised to see Twitter being full of funny, cute and weird photos of Misty’s famous Pokemon. Trainers who caught a shiny pokemon should post their photos using the hashtag #FoundPsyduck.

Not too much time ago the shiny versions of Groudon and Kyogre appeared too. This kind of treatment is received by many species in Pokemon GO after its first troubling years passed and it progresses into a prosperous era.

Keep in mind that the February Community Day is about to come. Swinub is the pokemon that will be featured in the event so make sure that you have enough Pokeball for all your attempts. Trainers, it is time to get ready to catch them all!

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