iOS 13: The Next Major Release Will Bring Special iPad Functions, Dark Mode And More

The next major software update for iPhones and iPads is expected to come out this year. If our speculations are correct, the next iOS version should come out when the next generation of iPhones is released. The launch is expected to take place this autumn, so there are a couple of months left.

The next iOS version is expected to come with several changes and improvements. A recent Bloomberg report revealed several details. For example, it appears that a dark mode is on its way to iOS 13.

What should you know about the update?

The next iOS version will be released in September or October, but developers should reveal it in June, during the Worldwide Developers Conference. iOS 12 was supposed to receive several big changes, but it appears that the company decided to postpone them in order to spend more time enhancing them. Therefore, we should see these functions on iOS 13.

The dark mode is one of the biggest improvements of iOS 13. The new mode is supposed to make the interface of the smartphone become black. This comes with numerous benefits. First of all, the dark mode is easier on the eyes, especially at night. More than that, the night mode is able to save the battery life of smartphones with OLED screens. This means that the iPhone X and the iPhone XS batteries will last longer.

The CarPlay feature is also expected to be improved. The new functions should allow users to use their phone even in the car. The report also indicated that the next iOS version will come with some changes and improvements for the iPad. A new home screen should become available for the tablet and there should be a new way to manage files as well.

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