iPhone 11 Comes with a 4,000mAh Battery

The new year has just started, but it is never to early to look forward to the next generation of iPhones. It is even a more interesting subject for discussion due to the fact that the sales performance of the latest iPhone lineup was different from previous years. One of the latest leaks we got comes from CompareRaja, an Indian website which suggests that the upcoming iPhone models will have their design changed due to the additional lenses.

As every early leak does not receive confirmation right away, we can only claim that the horizontal triple camera set up is very believable as over the years Apple likes to get something new into their phones.

For example, the last time this happened was when the iPhone 7 came after the iPhone 6. The biggest change was in the camera. If the design language introduced by the iPhone X will remain Apple’s option as it did with the XS, XS Max and XR models, the iPhone 11 will look different thanks to the additional camera, and we will be able to differentiate the generations.

Aside from the camera, this is not the only thing that the leak suggests. The battery of the next iPhone XI will be bigger, 4000 mAh to be precise which is way better than iPhone XS Max’s 3174mAh one. In addition to that we should look forward to the IP68 certification (for dust and waterproofing), but unfortunately, the 5G network will not be supported.

With this much information, we can’t help but wonder if Apple will get back on track with their sales performance when the new trio launches. Many people think that these problems happens because the company stopped introducing technologies as soon as they come on the market.

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