Showbox 5.26 – The APK For The Latest Version Is Available

Showbox is one of the best streaming apps available out there. Showbox is completely free and it allows you to watch all your favourite movies and TV shows without paying anything. The only negative part when it comes to Showbox is that you won’t be able to find it on Google Play Store, which means that you will have to install the APK file for it manually.

Recently Showbox did have some legal issues, as the app was used to display copyrighted content without permission. At one point, the app even stopped working. Therefore, legal trouble might follow this app, so download it at your own risk. Version 5.26 is now available and we will show you can download it.

Download Showbox 5.26 for iOS

In order to install the APK on iOS you will need to install the vShare on your computer first. Once you do this, it is time to connect your iOS device to the computer. Now you need to install vShare on your device. However, you need jailbreaking for that.

After you install vShare you can open it and search for Showbox. Once you find it you can install it. Follow the instructions that show up on screen and install it.

Download Showbox 5.26 for Android

In order to install Showbox on Android you need to enable unknown sources first. In order to this you need to head over to Settings, then go to Security and Unknown sources. Now it is time to download the APK file. You should find the APK file online, but make sure that you download it from a reliable site. Once you download it you need to tap it and then click the install button. Wait until the installation process is complete and you can use Showbox.

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