Samsung Foldable Phone: When Will It Come Out And What Will It Bring?

One of the most highly anticipated phones from Samsung is the upcoming foldable phone. The company already announced the phone and we were offered a sneak peek. The Samsung Edge Display is expected to be revolutionary, and Samsung should release a smartphone that integrates it.

The idea of a foldable phone isn’t new, and we already know that Samsung has been working on such a product for many years. Not it appears that there is not much left until the foldable phone will become a reality. Here is what we know so far.

Release date and price

The Infinity Flex display was displayed at the annual developer conference which took place in November last year. During the conference they also mentioned that the mass production was supposed to begin in the next months. For all we know, Samsung might have already started to produce it. Therefore, the release date should be announced in the first half of the year. Many expect Samsung to announce the phone in February, during the Mobile World Congress.

The phones will be quite pricey as they will utilise revolutionary technology. The price is expected to be somewhere between $1900 and $2500.


So far, we do not know much about the specifications of the upcoming phone. Samsung didn’t reveal much when it announced the Infinity Flex display. However, there is one constant rumour about the processors. The reports we got so far suggest that the Samsung foldable phone will come with the 7 nm processor. There has also been a leak that indicates that there is a chance for the foldable device to be a gaming phone. This would definitely be interesting, and the screen would represent an advantage for gamers.

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