Black Screen Issue on the Xbox One – How To Fix It?

The black screen of death issue – explanation?

Many users have experienced issues with their Xbox One models, both the Xbox One S and the original variant, one of the most common being the so-called ‘black screen of death.’ In this case, the main dashboard is primarily affected.

The first to report this error was Jex Corden from Windows Central, but this problem has been discussed over on Reddit too.

This error makes the home screen load up slowly until it fades to black or it simply shows a blank. When this happens, it is way more difficult to operate the console to open apps or games which makes the user frustrated.

Best way to fix the screen of death?

Gratefully there is a list of potential fixes, and for sure one of them will make your problem go away. Down below you will have each of them explained.

RT + Y

This is the simplest potential solution that Stefvr the Reddit user came up with. All you need to do is after it starts to move around your pins to press RT and Y. This way your console will receive back its functionality.

In case this does not work, we have two more potential fixes for you.

Switching tabs

Windows Central recommends that in case this issue happens to you to press ‘Home’ and after that immediately change tabs.

Xbox Store

This solution is quite unexpected, but it is said to work. All you need to do is to access the Xbox Store. This unorthodox fix was found by the redditor ShizuoHeiwajima08, and even though the reason why it works is still unknown, many users have confirmed it.

The first step would be to go to the store by hitting the guide button. After that press A right away on the main banner no matter which one it is and then return to the home screen.

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