Stay Organised With These iOS List Apps

There is an app for everything. If you want to plan ahead and organize all your tasks, you might need a list app. From work deadlines to grocery lists, these apps can help you with anything. Today we have selected some of the best list applications that are available for iOS. Let’s take a look at them.


CARROT has numerous reliable apps that can make your life easier. CARROT To Do is a to-do app that is incredibly easy to use. The application does come with an interesting concept. As soon as you mark things as complete you will unlock new features. This can be motivating, although if you want to get all the features at once you can also choose to purchase them for a small fee.

One downside would be the fact that the CARROT To Do app doesn’t allow you to create¬†multiple lists.


Clear is an amazing iPhone to do list and it has all the features you might want. It comes with a clean, smooth design and an interface that is user-friendly. This app is great for those who have a lot of tasks to handle, as it is very fast to create a new list, add new items or mark them as complete.


The looks of Do! might remind you of the Apple Notes as it does use a similar paper background. The app is quite simple and you won’t have any problems learning how to use it. Do! is available for free, but it does come with in-app purchases that allow you to get rid of ads and have unlimited groups.


With a clever name, the app does what it suggests. It offers you a minimalist design to organize your lists. The app comes with in-app purchases which unlock custom fonts, multiple lists, FaceID and more.

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