Samsung Galaxy 2019: All the Leaked Models and Features We Know So Far

Although we’re very close to the reveal of the latest Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones, we cannot wait to see if all the leaked information so far will prove to be true. Samsung will unveil the 2019 flagships on 20 February in San Francisco.

Here are all the rumors, leaks and speculations so far.

The Samsung Galaxy Line in 2019

First of all, we should expect to see three phones. Evan Blass, the smartphone leaker, shared a few photos of three Galaxy smartphones that should come out this spring: the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e. The plus model will come with a bigger screen than the S10, and the S10e will be more affordable than the two, similar to how Apple did with the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr.

The difference between the S10e and the S10 and S10 Plus is that it will only come with a dual-camera setup on the back, whereas the others will have three cameras on the back and two selfie cameras.

As for the size, we will see the displays on them ranging from 5.8 to a massive 6.4 inch: S10e at 5.8-inch, the S10 at 6.1-inch and the S10+ at 6.4-inch.

Samsung will also ditch the notch and come with small cutouts for the cameras and thin bezels for the top and bottom. The display will also come with a fingerprint scanner and no scanner on the rear.

What we like and hope to see in the Samsung phones is the wireless charging which apparently will not just let you use wireless charging for your phone, but it will let you charge earbuds if you put them on the back of your phone. Samsung just created a set of earbuds called Galaxy Buds and The Verge reported that this wireless charging will be called “PowerShare.”

Last but not least, we’re waiting to see that foldable smartphone teased back in the fall which will run a new version of Android and cost a bunch of money. Will it be called Galaxy F? We can only wait and see.

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