WhatsApp Plus: Get The APK For The Latest 2019 Version – v.6.85

We all use WhatsApp to communicate with others. The app has all the features that you could need when it comes to messaging. However, getting some extra functions wouldn’t hurt, especially when it comes to customization. If you want all the benefits of WhatsApp, but it a little extra, you can download WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus is a modded version of WhatsApp. Basically, it can offer you everything the original app does, but it does come with bonus features as well. The app has become increasingly popular lately.

Download WhatsApp Plus version 6.85

It is important to keep in mind that WhatsApp Plus cannot be found on the Google Play Store. This needs that you have to install the APK file for it manually. The APK for WhatsApp Plus can be found online, but you need to make sure that you download it from a reliable source.

Now that you have the APK you need to create a backup of your WhatsApp chats so that you won’t lose them. In order to do this you need to go to WhatsApp, open Settings, tap Chat and then select Backup. Choose the backup option and wait until your chats are backed up. Be patient, as this might take some time.

Once you have your backup, you need to install WhatsApp. You can do this by heading over to Settings, then Apps. There you should find WhatsApp and choose the uninstall option.

Now it is finally time to install WhatsApp Plus. You should find the APK file when you go to File Manager. Tap it so the installation process can begin. Wait until the installation is completed and then open WhatsApp Plus.

Now you can configure the app. Open WhatsApp Plus and tap on Agree and Continue. Add your phone number and verify it. You can now use the app.

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