Galaxy S10 Face Unlock Can Be Tricked With A Picture

Face unlocking your phone does go smoothly when it comes to iPhones, but many Android phones can’t seem to get it right. We would have expected upcoming Samsung Galaxy phones to solve this problem, but it appears that they aren’t perfect either.

A German tech blog discovered a major issue related to the unlock system. As it turns out, it is possible to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S10 using a picture of the user’s face. This is disappointing, to say the least, especially since Samsung claimed that the device is extremely secure.

Of course, users can also choose to protect their phone with the help of passwords or the ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint reader. Nonetheless, it’s a shame to have a facial unlocking system that does not work properly, especially since the Samsung Galaxy S10 device is a highly anticipated one.

At the moment, the safest facial unlocking technology remains Apple’s Face ID. The unlocking system went through numerous tests, and it managed to pass all of them, even when testers used a 3D printer to recreate the face of the user.

Rival companies

Many smartphone manufacturers try to use facial unlocking, although it isn’t always successful. The good news is that companies learn from their mistakes and they work hard in order to enhance their system. It appears that Huawei did manage to improve its facial unlocking, as it uses a form of 3D face scanning. However, this isn’t a perfect technology either, and there have already been reports which revealed that people who looked similar were able to unlock the phone.

One of the main reasons why Android phones have this problem is the fact that they have to use the Google default face unlock feature which works with just one camera, so there are no 3D sensors.

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