Magisk Manager v7.0.0 and Magisk V18.1 – Get The APK For The Latest Versions

Rooting your smartphone might be necessary in some cases. Magisk can help you do that easily. The interface has now reached version 18.1. More than that, Magisk Manager has also been updated, and version 7.0 is now available.

The update was announced by topjohnwu, the well-known XDA developer. It is important to note that the new update comes with some changes and improvements as well. For example, the Huawei Kirin 960 processors are now supported, as well as Android version 4.2.

The Magisk manager has also received some enhancements. There is a new user interface that has improved certain aspects, and you will notice all type of tweaks.

Today we are going to show you how you can download Magisk v18.1 and Magisk Manager v7.0. We will also show you how you can flash it properly on your device. Let’s get started.

What is Magisk?

In order to root an Android device, you will need certain tools. Magisk is one of those. The system less interface allows you to root your device easily. More than that, Magisk has plenty of useful options available. You will be able to enhance your system by adding certain features, or you can “hide” root from apps that don’t accept root access.

Download Magisk 18.1 Zip and Magisk Manager 7.0 Apk

You can get the zip for Magisk v18.1 here and Magisk Manager v7.0 here. Install the Magisk Manager App as you would install any Apk, then open it. Go to menu and then Settings. Tap Update Settings and choose Update Channel, then select Stable.

Now it is time to tap the Update Magisk button. Select install and then choose “Direct install”. Magisk 18.1 stable will be automatically installed on your device. Once it’s done you need to press the reboot button and you are done.

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