Chrome OS 72 Has Been Launched – The Update Comes With Android Pie Support And Google Assistant

We finally received the latest Chrome OS version, and the update brings several important features. As you may already know, the Chrome OS 72 was in beta for a couple of months, and users were awaiting its release. There are plenty of improvements, including some enhancements for Chromebooks, as well as for the other devices that run on Chrome OS.

Changes and improvements for the latest version of the Chrome OS

Chrome OS 72 represents the latest version and it brings several new additions. For example, the picture in picture mode has been added in the Google Chrome for the operating system. This makes it a lot simpler to navigate through websites while you use the browser. More than that, there is also a new feature that allows users to access Google Drive directly through the File App. By doing this you will be able to access all the files that you have saved on Google Drive via Backup and Sync.

The new version of Chrome OS also comes with Google Assistant support, as well as Android 9 Pie, which are two major improvements that enhance the performance of the Chrome OS. You can use Android Pie for vocal searches, or, if you prefer to type, you can just tap the bar shaped as a pill which is located at the center of the screen.

Developers haven’t forgotten about security either. Google always focuses on the safety of its users, and this update came with some security enhancements as well. For instance, Chrome OS 72 has the Shill File Manager sandboxed by Google. Thanks to this, there won’t be any vulnerable activities allowed in Networking.

The new version of Google’s operating system comes with other new additions as well. Get the latest update and check them out.

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