NASA Plans To Return To The Moon And Spend More Time There

NASA is the most well-known name when it comes to space exploration. The American space agency has some important achievements in its history, and it continues to work hard to demolish limits and help us better understand the universe.

The upcoming plans of NASA are big ones, the way we are accustomed. The administrator of the space agency, Jim Bridenstine, published a post in which he outlined the intentions of NASA for the future.

Returning to the moon

No one will ever forget the iconic first moon landing. It appears that NASA is ready to return to the satellite. “As a lifelong NASA supporter, I am thrilled to be talking once again about landing humans on the moon,” Bridenstine wrote on Ozy. “But to some, saying we’re returning to the moon implies we’ll be doing the same as we did 50 years ago. I want to be clear — that is not our vision.”

This time, scientists are planning to do things differently, as new technology is available. The Moon is still unexplored, and researchers have a lot to discover. “We are going to the moon with innovative new technologies and systems to explore more locations across the surface than we ever thought possible. This time, when we go to the moon, we will stay,” explained Bridenstine.

It appears that the plans of the space agency will start right away. Next week, NASA partners will gather at the headquarters in order to talk about lunar landers. We have discovered that nine companies were contracted to send cargo to the moon.

Finally, it appears that the ultimate goal of these missions is to bring astronauts back to the moon once again. NASA has some ambitious projects, including sending astronauts to Mars, so we should see some interesting things in the future.

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