Smart Download Feature Now Available For iOS Netflix Users

iOS users have finally received the Smart Download feature for Netflix. This feature has existed for quite some time, but it was only available for Android users. Now, the app launched this function for iOS users as well. The latest Netflix update comes with this new feature and it is enabled by default, which means that you will have to disable it yourself if you do not want it.

What does the Smart Download feature do?

The Smart Download function is, as the name claims it, smart. This feature is incredibly useful for Netflix users. For example, the downloaded episodes of the Seasons that you have watched are automatically deleted, and then the next available episode is downloaded by default. This is very helpful, especially when it comes to your storage. You won’t have to worry that the videos that you have already watched will occupy space on your device.

More than that, the Smart Download feature is also useful when you want to save data. The next episode won’t be downloaded unless you are connected to WiFi so that it won’t consume too much data. The feature will also keep the last video of the season just in case you might want to watch it again.

Users are also able to select the quality for the videos that will be downloaded. You can download a video at Standard quality, or you could try High-Quality videos. It is up to you to decide the quality that you want for your videos. If you want to save some storage or data, you might want to go with the Standard quality option. However, if you want to see all the details of your favorite show, the High-Quality option is better.

The feature can be enabled or disabled if you head over to settings on your Netflix App.

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