The 2019 iPhones Are Expected To Come With Upgrades, But The Prices Won’t Be Too Different

The latest iPhones released by Apple were the most expensive ones in the history of the company, so many people wondered how the 2019 models will be priced. Based on various reports and speculation, it appears that there is a chance that the prices won’t go any higher.

The XR variant is expect to cost around $729, the iPhone 11 should be available for $999, while the top end model should cost $1099.

Upcoming enhancements

We all know that the sales for the latest iPhones weren’t as good as Apple hoped they would be. Therefore, the 2019 release is incredibly important for the company, and they can’t afford to mess up. New leaks appeared online, and if they present the truth, it appears that the upcoming iPhones will come with some changes.

Some improvements are major. For example, some rumours suggest that the lighting connector might finally be replaced by the USB Type-C connector. This would be a major step forward for iPhones, and it would bring us one step closer to universal phone chargers.

We have also heard some rumours about the camera of the upcoming models. It is rumoured that the successor of the iPhone XS Max will come with a triple camera setup. It is speculated that a dual camera setup will be available for the XR variant.


There are some new colors on their way, if we believe the rumours. It appears that Apple is considering to add a new green color, and even the iPhone XR models might receive a shade of green.

Finally, there are plenty of speculations about the infamous notch. Some believe that the notch will remain there this year, others believe that the notch will be a lot smaller, while others even say that it will be bigger. Only time can tell, and we will have to wait in order to find out the truth for sure.

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