How To Jailbreak Your Device Using RootlessJB.

It is said that old habits die hard. If you used to jailbreak your iPhone in the past, you probably miss being able to bypass certain restrictions and customise your phone. While jailbreak isn’t what it used to be, recent iOS versions can be jailbreaked as well, as long as you use the correct tools.

Jailbreaking iOS 12 – iOS 12.1.2

Apple recently released iOS version 12.1.4. However, if you managed to stay behind a little, and have version 12.1.2 or lower, you will be able to jailbreak your device with the help of the RootlessJB tool. The tool was created by Jake James, also known as @Jakeshacks on Twitter.

At first, this jailbreak tool was designed just for developers, as there weren’t many features available. Nonetheless, the jailbreak managed to evolve in time and now everyone can use the RootlessJB for their iPhones.

Jailbreak your phone

First of all, you need to head over to and find rootlessJB. After you find it press the Get button. Make sure you install the file after. Then go to the Setting app to General > Device Management. Once you are there, tap the name of the developer and trust the certificate. Put the iPhone in Airplane mode and open RootlessJB. Toggle on the Tweaks option. Wait until the process is done and your device resprings.

Working tweaks

If you are planning to give this jailbreak tool a try, you should know that there are plenty of tweaks that work. To name a couple of working tweaks, you can get HomeGestureLite, Alkaline, AnimationsBeFast, BoofSound, Crystal, Cuttlefish, LabelHider, Neptune, Palert, Pokecall, PokeGoL S, Real CC Silo, Primalfolder, Twig, Vettr, UnlockVol, Zepplin, Volume Hud, and others.

There are also some tweaks that are only partially working. You can find the complete list here, and see the not working tweaks as well. Keep in mind that this list will be expanded in the future.

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