Surface Phone: Latest News on Andromeda Operating System

Ever since Samsung announced that it is going to launch a foldable smartphone called Galaxy F in 2019, all other tech companies have started working on their own foldable smartphones with Xiaomi leading the way. Even though Microsoft didn’t have too much success in the smartphone industry with its Lumia devices, the tech giant doesn’t like to be left behind and it is currently adding the finishing touches to a handheld device called the Surface Phone.

The Surface Phone

There are tens of reports which point towards the fact that Surface Phone is Microsoft’s new foldable smartphone. The interesting thing about this device is that Microsoft has reportedly hired third-party OEMs to manufacture the device. This leads us to believe that Surface Phone is coming soon and that Microsoft is planning a global release.

Special Operating System

Just like you would expect from Microsoft, Surface Phone is going to run with its own operating system. Microsoft tried doing this when it launched the Lumia smartphones and failed. However, Microsoft sees Surface Phone as a new opportunity to try and take the smartphone industry by storm.

Project Andromeda

It has been rumored for a long time that Microsoft is secretly working on a new operating system called Andromeda. This operating system is said to bridge the gap between smartphones and PCs and to make them more compatible with each other. We should note that lines of codes from Andromeda have been spotted on the web which makes the rumor of a new and exclusive operating system for Surface Phone to sound plausible.

2019 Release Date

Even though the information about Surface Phone is scarce, the foldable smartphone is expected to launch later this year. Let’s hope that these rumors prove to be true because just like you, we are curious to see what Microsoft’s foldable smartphone can do.

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