Google Chrome is Evolving – So it Suits the Foldable Phones

The next thing to happen to Android promise to be the foldable smartphones are more and more interest is showed by OEMs in releasing such a device. While a foldable smartphone is harder to imagine in its full usefulness, it has past its theoretical state as we can see that the Android ecosystem is getting ready to receive it. Their primary goal is to adapt to this new kind of phone, so the quality of the technology will not be undervalued.

Android Q will have it

In order to add support for foldable smartphones, Android extended the screen continuity API which is known in the OS. After this happened, a multi-resume functionality was introduced by Google. It allows apps to be run simultaneously alongside other apps that are opened in multi-window and not only be opened in a split-screen view. Android Q might come with the multi-resume support from Google.

Real commitment

What is great about Google is that it is the leader of its own apps. Multi-resume support has been added by Google Chrome for Android as a way to prepare for both the foldable phones and Android Q. This shows that Google is ready to embrace the innovations that will come with the technology development. With this change being introduced, there will no longer be a need for the user to interact with the app they want to retain as active in order to manually swap activity state. In order to facilitate user focus, all apps will remain active. To make it easier for you to understand, while, for example, you will play a video in the Chrome browser, if you start interacting with another active app, that will remain unaffected.

The era of foldable smartphones seems now even closer.

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