Why will the 2019 iPad Mini be Worth Buying?

It has been a while since Apple’s intentions of releasing a new iPad Mini were revealed thanks to the iOS 12.2 codes. Many people decided to provide information and leaks regarding the mini tablet that Apple is supposed to have in its pipeline for this year. Thanks to the work of reliable analysts, we might imagine how the next generation iPad Mini will be improved.

New iPad, new rumors

According to the first significant leak that is worth considering, the iPad Mini 5 will not have a different design from its predecessor. The display will keep its size and those thick bezels that you got used to from older iPads. Even though the 2018 iPad Pro might have made us expect more from Apple, we have been fooled.

IPad Mini 5’s specs

The new iPad Mini’s specifications will not differ from the older model either. The headphone jack measuring 3.5mm will keep its place as well as the Lightning port that Apple is so known for. If we compare the iPad Mini 5 with the iPad models of the last few years, its internal specifications will be relying on something even older than that.

To be more precise, the 2019 iPad Mini will be powered by either the A10X chipset or the A10 one. In 2016 the A10 chip was introduced into the iPhone 7, and the 6th Gen iPad was also equipped with it. When it comes to the A10X chip, the device that came with it was the 2017 iPad Pro. When compared to its predecessor, the iPad Mini 5 will have a slightly better chipset as it came with the A8 one. Even though the improvements are not that impressive, at least its performance will be better than its predecessor’s.

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