Microsoft Bids Farewell to Windows Phone and Welcomes the Surface Phone with Andromeda OS

Microsoft tried to take over the smartphone industry with its Windows Phone powered devices. Unfortunately for Microsoft, its smartphones didn’t do well against Android and iOS. Microsoft has kept trying to push Windows Phone by releasing exclusive features and apps but to no avail. Now, Microsoft is finally ready to give up on Windows Phone and on the bright side of things, Microsoft is going to replace it with the Surface Phone.

Microsoft Bids Farewell to Windows Phone

“Deployment to Windows Mobile devices is no longer supported in Visual Studio 2019. Attempts to deploy to a Windows 10 Mobile device will result in an error saying ‘Deployment to Windows Mobile devices is not supported in Visual Studio 2019.’ If you need to continue working on an application for Windows 10 Mobile devices, continue to use Visual Studio 2017,” said Microsoft in a recent press release.

This makes it clear that we should say goodbye to Windows Phones because Microsoft is not going to support them anymore. Luckily, Microsoft is switching its focus to Surface Phone that is rumored to ship with a new operating system called Andromeda.

Surface Phone with Andromeda

Surface Phone is going to be a foldable smartphone and its expected to arrive later this year. In case the foldable technology doesn’t sound impressive enough, then you should know that Microsoft is planning to equip the upcoming smartphone with a brand-new operating system called Andromeda.

The new operating system is said to bridge the gap between PCs and smartphones. Andromeda will make it easier for Surface Phone users to connect to PCs and to get PC-like features. Considering the fact that the foldable smartphone can be placed in different positions that transform it from a simple smartphone to a big tablet, then having access to software such a Word and PowerPoint, for example, is going to make the Surface Phone a powerful device.

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