Apple iPad Pro 2019 – Here Are All The Details We Know So Far

The Apple iPad Pro tablets are preferred by numerous users. Therefore, there are many people out there that want to know whether a new model will be released this year. We did had a launch in 2018, but users are always looking forward to receiving something new, and a new 2019 model could be a success.

Release date

The main question here is whether we will receive an iPad Pro this year. There is a chance that Apple will skip this year. For example, if we take a look at iPhones, we can see that the sales weren’t what the company expected, because users don’t update their devices that often. This could be the case for the iPad Pro as well.

However, that is not certain, and we might get a new tablet this year after all. Usually, Apple releases new models around spring or early summer, so this is when we should receive an announcement.


According to several sources, it appears that Apple won’t change the prices of the previous generation too much. Therefore, the new iPad Pro tablets should cost around the same amount of money as the previous generation. There is also a chance that the 64 GB model won’t exist anymore.

Correcting previous errors

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro released in 2018 was considered by many the best tablet of the year. However, nothing is perfect, and there were a couple of shortcomings that could be fixed by the upcoming models. For example, users were not fans of the design without bezel.

More than that, it is known that Apple plans to reduce prices. In order to achieve that, sacrifices must be made. Therefore, there is a chance that the upcoming models might be missing some of the features. For instance, the well-known Face ID might be replaced by a fingerprint sensor.

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