Another Samsung Phone is Getting the Stable One UI Android Pie Update

The Android Pie-based One IU update has just rolled out thanks to Samsung, and it is available for the Galaxy Note 9, S9, and S9 Plus not too much time ago. The last generation flagship of the company, the Galaxy Note 8, is the latest device to receive the update.

Baby steps are still steps

Last year in the last month of the Summer, in August 3018, Android Pe was rolled out, and it does not hurry too much when it comes to getting to most smartphones. Its software was redesigned this time out by Samsung, One UI being its new name. The Pie update has been sent by the company to the Galaxy Note 9, S9, and S9 Plus, its current generation flagships, but now the Galaxy Note 8, the company’s last generation flagship, finally gets it.

Not available for everyone

Unfortunately only if you are a Galaxy Note 8 users living in Eastern Europe you have the change to get the update as it is not available everywhere. European users will soon get the update for their Exynos models as well while the full dose of the Android Pie will come later to the users of the Noth American Snapdragon models.

All the regular features that came with the Galaxy Note 9’s and S9’s update will be included even though it will be an update to the One UI.

Pie was made available a long time ago, and it annoys users that only a full six months after that the update begins to be released on actual phones. With that being said, the track record that Samsung has with its significant updates is even worse than this so we can see it as an improvement.

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