New UI Features And Security Available In An Early Android Q Build

Android updates aren’t always released the way we hope they would be. For example, there are many phones that haven’t received the Android Pie update. However, despite this fact, Google is working hard on Android Q, and it won’t take too long until the new version will be released.

If you are curious about the upcoming version, we have some interesting info for you. It appears that the guys from XDA Developers managed to get an early build of Android Q. This is major, as it means that we are able to discover some of the features of this new version.

A couple of screenshots have been released, as well as a video. They allow us to take a look at the new Android version. At the moment, we still do not know its name. However, we do know some of the features that will come with Android 10.

What will Android Q bring?

First of all, it appears that Android Q will finally bring a new dark mode for all Android devices. Dark modes are always useful. First of all, they are better on the eyes, especially when you use your phone at night. More than that, smartphones with OLED displays will save energy if they use the night mode. In order to activate this new mode, users will have to head over to the Display settings menu and simply tap Set Dark Mode.

Android 10 will also come with some privacy enhancements. For example, there is a new Permissions menu which allows you to check the permission for each app individually.  There are also two new options: Time to read and Time to take action. This will allow users to set how long to show messages that ask user to take action.

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