Showbox 5.26 APK Update Is Now Available – How To Get It

Whenever you want to watch a movie or a TV show for free, Showbox is always there. The app has a large gallery and it allows users to watch anything they like. While there have been some issues with the app in the past, it appears that it is back once again.

Developers continue to release updates every once in a while in order to fix bugs and enhance the performance of the app. Recently, the Showbox 5.26 APK update was launched. The Showbox app has all the features you could need in order to stream your favourite content.

Showbox 5.26 APK

This new version does come with some new changes. For example, the user interface has been improved. In the past, the interface of the app was irresponsive at times. Users also complained that it was very difficult to move its elements. The latest version does come with fixes for that.

The new version also took care of the floating widgets. In the past it was very difficult to place a floating button in the app. However, the new version solves that issue and things work smoothly now. The Showbox 5.26 APK also improves the speed of the app. The application did have some problems with the loading speed, but it appears that they are long gone as well.

More than that, in the past users had issues when it came to downloading any file. The downloading process stopped automatically before completion, which was very frustrating. Luckily for users, the Showbox APK 5.26 update managed to solve that issue.

How to get the update?

Remember that the app is not available on the Google Play Store, so if you want to install Showbox you need to find the APK online, In order to download it, make sure that you have enabled unknown sources for downloads.

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