GBWhatsapp 7.81 APK Update Comes with a Slew of Software Improvements

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular chatting app with millions of people using it every single day. However, there are lots of features that WhatsApp lacks and here is where GBWhatsapp comes in to save the day. GBWhatsapp is a mod for the chatting app and it takes its performances and user experience to the next level by introducing a plethora of new features and software tweaks.

Even though GBWhatsapp is a mod for WhatsApp, it still receives full-fledged developer support. Therefore, GBWhatsapp’s already impressive range of features gets improved every couple of weeks through APK updates. In fact, the reason why GBWhatsapp is making headlines today is that a new 7.81 APK update has recently arrived.

GBWhatsapp 7.81 APK

The latest update for GBWhatsapp sports the 7.81 version number and as previously mentioned, it comes in the form of APK. This update format stands for “Android Package Kit” and therefore it can only be installed on Android powered smartphones. Not just that but interested GBWhatsapp users who want to get their hands on the 7.81 update and access all the features that it brings need to manually download and install it on their smartphones.

What’s New?

  • GB Sticker Maker

The new APK update introduces a cool feature called the GB Sticker Maker. This feature can be used by people to make their own stickers and then send them in text conversations.

  • GB WhatsApp Cleaner

One of the best things about this latest GBWhatsapp update is the fact that it adds a new tool to the GBWhatsapp mod. Just like the tool’s name implies, the tool can be used to optimize the software of the mod by cleaning all unnecessary files.

  • Software Improvements

Talking about software optimization, GBWhatsapp users should be happy to know that the 7.81 APK comes with a slew of software tweaks that help the mod run better.

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