Apple iPhone XR should keep its guard up because Google is coming strong

One thing is certain, and that is that we will get the Pixel 3 Lite from Google. However, will this budget phone be better than Apple’s budget iPhone, the XR model?

First, let’s see how Google can make its budget phone this cheap

There are, obviously, some rumors discussing Google’s future budget phone’s specifications which include an 8MP selfie camera, 4GB RAM, and a 12 MP rear camera. Similar to the Pixel 3 that measures 5.5 inches, its battery will also be 2,915mAh.

Where will those costs be cut?

The base storage is only 32GB, and it’s (purportedly) made largely from plastic materials. Other supposed cost savings come from a 5.56-inch IPS LCD screen and a Snapdragon 670 processor. (And it may have a retro 3.5mm headphone jack.)

The majority of the base storage will be made out of plastic materials, and it will only have 31GB. Some other ways to cut costs include the introduction of a Snapdragon 670 processor and an IPS LCD screen measuring 5.56 inches (2,220-by-1,080). The 3.5 headphone jack might also be kept.

If we compare what we have mentioned, with the Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3, we will come to the conclusion that it is less hardware. We are saying that because these two more expensive phones have a glass back and an aluminum frame, the base storage is 64GB, they have faster processors – the Snapdragon 845, and pricier OLED displays.

We do not know for sure whether Google will get rid of excellent features such as the Night Sigh.

When it comes to the iPhone XR, you only need to look at its specifications. Even though its starting price is low, of $749 (the 64GB XS starts at $999), it still keeps some premium features including a glass back for wireless charging, an edge-to-edge display, the same A12 processor as the XS, long battery life ( even better than XS’s), a 12 MP rear camera and a 7MP front camera.

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